elaine kavanagh

Staff Favorite Film: "Meet Oscar" - Invictus' Door to Door Salesman

"Meet Oscar" is my personal favorite film, as the film shows the breakthrough of taking our staff out of the kitchen and into the "Real World" to sell our "No Bones About It" dog biscuits door to door in Manhattan. This is really profound in the modern world of Amazon on-line ordering for everything. Oscar breaks all the modern rules, goes "old school", and is a charming salesman in the film. 

Invictus Enterprises does not work without the support of our growing community, and our friends have given us nothing but positive feedback about our videos which are all produced by Elaine Kavanagh of Sweet Beast Productions. We want to show our Bakers and Salespeople from all angles of the Autism Spectrum, and Elaine captures that magic in all of her films. Elaine has a love for telling stories that illuminate the ignored and overlooked, and her films show that nothing is insignificant. It also helps that Elaine is a Dog Lover!!

All of Elaine's videos for Invictus can be found on our Invictus Video Page, and Elaine's site is Sweet Beast Productions