Customer Spotlight: Bodhi of Urban Dog in New York City

As Invictus grows into other areas such as Co-Packing and Education, it is hard to forget our favorite customers such as Bodhi of Urban Dog NYC:

Our customers are growing by the week, and we always appreciate the support from our dog customers like Bodhi and our human dog owners like Sean Sheer and Clark Beasley!!

They have a fascinating Blog for all dog owners, and as your would suspect from the name, they focus on City Dogs.

See The Urban Dog Blog Here

Welcome to Urban Dog, the ultimate go-to resource for the devout metropolitan canine owner. Our goal as dog-lovin’ bloggers is to entertain, engage, and hopefully enlighten. As dog owners, we understand the things you want to know about; we’ll cover such topics as health issues, adopting rescues and pure breeds, dealing with pet allergies, reviewing dog runs, legal problems, finding transportation, engaging real estate agents who specialize in pet friendly buildings, and other related subjects.
— Urban Dog

Please take a look at Urban Dog’s Blog, as they have some great stories including a story on our favorite Autism Bakers:

Invictus Bakers @ Work

Invictus Bakers @ Work