April 2018 is "Autism Abilities Month" @ Invictus Enterprises

It’s not where you end up that matters, it’s how far you go!
— Susan "Momma" Myers
Alison & Susan Myers

Alison & Susan Myers

An achievement is an achievement. For some of us, eating in a restaurant and talking in full sentences comes naturally. For others, these task are major accomplishments. This month, we want to acknowledge the awesome achievements of our Bakers.

April 1st is the first day of National Autism Awareness Month. Our goal at Invictus Enterprises is to move beyond awareness and to celebrate "Autism Abilities Month". Our Bakers have been working very hard at our "Work Readiness Clinics"

Noa - The Artist

Noa - The Artist

Sauren - Baker & Tech Guru

Sauren - Baker & Tech Guru

And our Sales Team has been "pounding the pavement" of Manhattan. 

Oscar - Sales Manager

Oscar - Sales Manager

This month, help us to shine a light on accomplishments - big and small. Send us your pics and clips to celebrate your greatest accomplishments. Please send you clips and photos to alison@invictusenterprises.com

Here is our Baker Dustin Sweeney surfing and hiking on his down time from the kitchen. 

Staff Favorite Film: "Meet Oscar" - Invictus' Door to Door Salesman

"Meet Oscar" is my personal favorite film, as the film shows the breakthrough of taking our staff out of the kitchen and into the "Real World" to sell our "No Bones About It" dog biscuits door to door in Manhattan. This is really profound in the modern world of Amazon on-line ordering for everything. Oscar breaks all the modern rules, goes "old school", and is a charming salesman in the film. 

Invictus Enterprises does not work without the support of our growing community, and our friends have given us nothing but positive feedback about our videos which are all produced by Elaine Kavanagh of Sweet Beast Productions. We want to show our Bakers and Salespeople from all angles of the Autism Spectrum, and Elaine captures that magic in all of her films. Elaine has a love for telling stories that illuminate the ignored and overlooked, and her films show that nothing is insignificant. It also helps that Elaine is a Dog Lover!!

All of Elaine's videos for Invictus can be found on our Invictus Video Page, and Elaine's site is Sweet Beast Productions





Invictus Works - Artisanal Bakers and Parents Unite

Here's our newest video from Sweet Beast Productions - Hear what our Invictus Family has to say about our team and how much they love their jobs. We all have dreams for our children. We all aspire to love our jobs and wake up in the morning excited to go to WORK. Invictus empowers an as-of-yet untapped work force. Our team is seizing the day - showing what they can do and proving that having a purpose in life creates happiness. From our family to yours, here's to gettin' to work and being unconquerable! 

**SHAMELESS PLUG - Buy our biscuits at the Invictus Shop and keep our guys and gals up to their elbows in WORK!!! 

Saturday March 17, 2018 @ 1PM - Cycle of Work Readiness Clinic Celebration

Team Invictus

Team Invictus

Team Invictus:

We are nearing the end of another successful Cycle of Work Readiness Clinics. Saturday March 17, 2018 will be our final session for Cycle 2, and we would love you to celebrate that milestone. There is much to celebrate: 

  • New skills,
  • Increased productivity, and
  • THE TEAM. 
Invictus Enterprises-logo-black.png

We are inviting our morning session to stay a little late and our afternoon session trainees to come a little early for a pizza/karaoke celebration from 1-2pm and all family and friends of the clinic are welcome! We will be bringing some pizza (obviously) and beverages for all to enjoy.  Any and all special treats you might be inspired to bring and share are also welcome additions. Please let me know if there are any dietary restrictions/preferences/allergies so we can be sensitive in our offerings and be sure all can have a special treat and great time! 

The FedCap Kitchen is located at 210 East 43rd St, New York, NY 10017

Also, we are thrilled to announce the dates for Cycle 3. We will return to the Food Arts Center at the FedCap Kitchen, starting up again April 14, 2018- for 8 sessions (through June 9th). We will send out more details next week- including our plans to evolve our program, build on skills and fortify our biscuit business! 

Much love and gratitude to all. 


Molly and Alison


Invictus Presents - Introduction to Culinary, April 2018 - NYC Grand Central

Invictus Bakers

Invictus Bakers


  • 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm
  • First session is April 14th
  • Sessions are every Saturday (with the exception of May 26, 2018)

This 8 -week Introduction to Culinary offers students with little to no experience in the kitchen an overview of the basics of culinary in an environment that emphasizes learning new skills while also helping to create a product for one of our Invictus micro-enterprises: grain free sweet potato dog biscuits. Using a one-to-one teaching method, the latest Microsoft technology, artful modifications and physical guide templates, the students are eased through the basics of following a recipe, measuring, heating, safety and sanitation. Over the 8-week period, students build stamina, learn and practice basic culinary skills and develop the ability to work together to create a tangible product. The course work curriculum supports job training for eager young chefs (ages 12-21) or anyone interested in the culinary arts.  Each three-hour session, is an artful blend of customized instruction, learning and social gathering. We take your simmering passion for food and all things culinary and bring it to a rolling boil in our Invictus Kitchen!  Invictus is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All proceeds from the sales of Invictus products go towards job training and employment of the greatest workforce in the world!

Contact alison@invictusenterprises.org