Invictus Enterprises is Recruiting Bakers for a New Sunday Community Class - Start Date March 10, 2019


8-week Introduction to Culinary Course Overview

Sunday Session Times 10am-1pm - First session is March 10th & Sessions Happen Every Sunday (last session is May 12th, 2019)

Invictus Enterprises’ 8 - week Introduction to Culinary offers students with little to no experience in the kitchen an overview of the basics of culinary in an environment that emphasizes learning new skills while also helping to create a product for one of our Invictus micro-enterprises: grain free sweet potato dog biscuits. Using a one-to-one teaching method, the latest Microsoft technology, artful modifications and physical guide templates, the students are eased through the basics of following a recipe, measuring, heating, safety and sanitation. Over the 8-week period, students build stamina, learn and practice basic culinary skills and develop the ability to work together to create a tangible product. The course work curriculum supports job training for eager young chefs (ages 14+) or anyone interested in the culinary arts. Each three-hour session, is an artful blend of customized instruction, learning and social gathering. We take your simmering passion for food and all things culinary and bring it to a rolling boil in our Invictus Kitchen! Invictus is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All proceeds from the sales of Invictus products go towards job training and employment of the greatest workforce in the world!

Contact us to book a spot for your baker-in-training: 786.385.6339 or

Trevor Day School - Sunday sessions will be held @ 312 East 95th Street - NYC

Invictus @ Trevor Day School

Invictus @ Trevor Day School

Anderson Center Podcast - Oscar Segal Takes Invictus to "Upstate New York"

Oscar Segal made the trip up to the Anderson Center for Autism, north of Poughkeepsie, NY, to record this podcast with the Anderson Team. Alison Berkley was also on the Podcast, and she is the Co-Founder of Invictus Enterprises which is “focused on empowering & mobilizing individuals with autism who are aging out of the school system or have already graduated”. Oscar Segal is a Sales Manager for No Bones About It, an Invictus brand known for their 100% hand made dog biscuit treats! Tune in to learn more about Invictus Enterprises and what Oscar & Alison are up to! 

At Anderson Center for Autism, our evidence-based methods demonstrate realistic, steady progress and consistently make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families we serve.

We understand that autism dramatically affects the lives of all who face it. For families, the autism community and public organizations, Anderson Center is uniquely qualified to serve as a valuable, compassionate resource by providing education, support and outreach services, and information aimed at delivering assistance and increasing overall autism awareness.
— Anderson Center for Autism

Customer Spotlight: Bodhi of Urban Dog in New York City

As Invictus grows into other areas such as Co-Packing and Education, it is hard to forget our favorite customers such as Bodhi of Urban Dog NYC:

Our customers are growing by the week, and we always appreciate the support from our dog customers like Bodhi and our human dog owners like Sean Sheer and Clark Beasley!!

They have a fascinating Blog for all dog owners, and as your would suspect from the name, they focus on City Dogs.

See The Urban Dog Blog Here

Welcome to Urban Dog, the ultimate go-to resource for the devout metropolitan canine owner. Our goal as dog-lovin’ bloggers is to entertain, engage, and hopefully enlighten. As dog owners, we understand the things you want to know about; we’ll cover such topics as health issues, adopting rescues and pure breeds, dealing with pet allergies, reviewing dog runs, legal problems, finding transportation, engaging real estate agents who specialize in pet friendly buildings, and other related subjects.
— Urban Dog

Please take a look at Urban Dog’s Blog, as they have some great stories including a story on our favorite Autism Bakers:

Invictus Bakers @ Work

Invictus Bakers @ Work

Dustin Doggie Delivery to Poughkeepsie, NY by Invictus Baker Dustin Sweeney

It was a great weekend in the kitchen, and our Baker Dustin Sweeney extended his work schedule and made a delivery of Invictus' No Bones About It dog biscuits to Bella in Poughkeepsie, NY. Just a quick fun film of Dustin and Bella in action.

Thanks Cousin Bryan and Shalon!


Alison Berkley Podcast Debut with Journey Skills: "Building the Steps into Work"

We have a vision for our daughter, and we want to provide a central hub for like-minded parents and carers. There is an assumption that our children are at the crossroads: left to their own devices they won’t achieve independence or success in their terms; but given the right forethought and input they will be able to reach a certain level of independence and purpose. We live in the land of hope, determination and optimism.
— Journey Skills with Debra and Graham

Podcast Episode 46. What happens to young people with additional needs when they finish full-time education? How will they find employment? How will they cope on their own throughout adulthood? One organization helping to provide some of the answers to these questions is Invictus Enterprises based in New York. In this week’s podcast, we hear from Alison Berkely co-founder of Invictus Enterprises about how they are helping young people with autism acquire the work skills they need to get into paid sustainable employment.

Summer 2018 @ Invictus Kitchen - Data Models, Experimentation, and Exploration


We have a new, improved set up for the Summer Cycle in our Invictus Kitchen. Here’s some of the main elevations you’ll be seeing in the coming 8 weeks:

  • Both sessions have been combined to create one, larger team of approximately 10 bakers on any given Saturday;
  • New teams will consistently pair instructors and bakers from week-to-week – these pairings are to propel skill development, but also facilitate social interaction and the all-important teamwork that is imperative in our kitchen;
  • New, improved and synthesized data metrics will continue to systematically track skill acquisition, yet elevate the breadth and deepen the detail of the data where we need it most; and
  • New layout of our physical workstations and use of the full Invictus Kitchen to maximize team efficiency and efficacy.

These improvements will elevate the kitchen to a whole other level! We have been thoroughly impressed with how well our bakers are doing and how quickly they are learning. It is an exciting prospect to think of how the new elements will propel things even further. As always, we welcome all of our Invictus Family (aka. You, the parents) into the kitchen to check out the new set-up and give us any thoughts, tips or feedback you might have. 

I thought a quick snapshot of what we’ve doing behind the scenes and how we have developed new specific goals for "Student X" would be helpful as we move forward into the new cycle. In true Invictus spirit we are ever-increasing the challenges on our bakers and building their skills towards real-world jobs. Over the past months we have been impressed with their progress in the kitchen thus far and working hard on answering the all-important question:

“What’s next?”



To hone in on the answer, our instructors pow-wowed and brainstormed. We did a ton of research, and picked the brains of savvy and successful culinary professionals. We asked them a myriad of questions to illuminate what they look for and expect to see in their best team members and employees. From this wealth of knowledge from the mouths of industry experts, we built a profile of the ideal baker/culinary employee and here’s what is exceedingly important: 

  • Teamwork – Functioning positively, effectively and efficiently in a team is paramount;
  • Multi-Tasking – working on multiple objectives in the kitchen at any one time is key to being able to accomplish everything needing to be done on any given day;
  • Accuracy – the quality of the work (and the work-product) is one of the most important indicators for success;
  • Reliability and Dependability – unlike in the office-based workplace, in the culinary world there is no “we’ll get it done tomorrow”, there is only TODAY. Whatever orders are placed need to be filled quickly no matter what, so if one baker does not show up for their shift, the whole team pays the price;
  • Problem-Solving & Good Judgement - Being able to recognize if and when a problem arises, and the ability to think through how to solve it is key. A good baker should fundamentally know the purpose behind the methods and how to adapt those methods when changes need to be made;
  • Communication – Verbal communication is not a necessity. There are many ways to communicate so that a baker can advocate for help when needed (i.e. physical communication or use of technology); and
  • Respect of the work environment – Cleanliness and organization are vital: clean up after each task and replace all equipment in its designated spot.

As you read those important profile components, it is reassuring to know we’ve been working diligently towards all of them. For the coming Cycle, I want to outline 3 main goals for Student X that will enable success in the culinary world:

Student X's Goals:

  1. Accuracy in measuring – introduction and mastery of using a digital weight scale;
  2. Working effectively and positively with teammate(s) and main instructor towards a common goal – Student X has been working incredibly well in his solo workflow, now we will fold in more team components throughout the process to build on his team skills; and
  3. Pacing and Consistency in work product – Student X is mastering the process nicely, but still requires instructor support to keep his pace and thus his product output consistent and improving over time. We will target his independence in navigating through each step in a more timely manner while enabling him to keep his high-quality work product. 

Alison Berkley - Invictus Co-Founder

Microsoft's 'Wish Machine Contest' Keeps on Giving to Invictus Enterprises: May 2018

During the 2017 Holiday Season, Microsoft's Wish Machine Contest was open to anyone with a "heart for others and a philanthropic spirit":

The Holiday season is often hailed as the season of giving. And giving doesn’t begin with possessing something to give; it begins with compassion, a love for others and a desire to give.
— Microsoft's Wish Machine Contest

Microsoft used four criteria to judge each entry:

  • Heartwarming — the wish much be inspiring, human and powerful because of the nature, intent and meaning behind the wish. (40 percent)
  • Philanthropic — The wish is inherently generous and considers that the greater good of others over oneself. (20 percent)
  • The wish aligns with Sponsor's mission to help people realize their full potential and achieve more. (20 percent)
  • Sponsor can determine a prize that can be reasonably provided within 2-3 months of the Contest end that fulfills the wish submitted. (20 percent)

Invictus Enterprises was fortunate to win the following during the Wish Machine Contest:


Microsoft is also doing pioneering work with SAP, JP Morgan Chase, EY, Ford Motor Company, and DXC technologies in hiring Autistic adults into their business units. This group has launched the Autism Employer Roundtable, which is a coalition focused on helping other companies advance their hiring approach for people with Autism. These are all VERY powerful steps for our workforce at Invictus Enterprises !! Technology in the kitchen, and now the potential for technology hiring. 

Microsoft wanted to come into the Invictus kitchen last weekend to see their technology in action in the Invictus kitchen, and we were very surprised when they:

  • Brought in such a large film crew for a feature film they are shooting, and
  • Microsoft donated 6 additional Surface Pros !!
The Microsoft and Invictus Team with the new Surface Pros

The Microsoft and Invictus Team with the new Surface Pros

More Surface Pros !!

More Surface Pros !!

Each Surface Pro “Kit” includes:

  • One Surface Pro, Type Cover, Carry Case, Bluetooth Air Mouse, Stylus Pen, and charger - all contained within a snazzy tech-friendly backpack. 

Thank you Microsoft, and now the tables turn back to Invictus Enterprises. How can Invictus empower our workforce inside and outside the kitchen? 

As our new program in partnership with the New York City Department of Education kicks off this summer, Microsoft’s gift to us was sublimely timed. We will be providing in-depth training in our production, packaging and shipping, and sales processes to District 75 transitions classes for students aged 18-21 years. All too often, the students and populations who would benefit the most from technology and the adaptive tools employed within, lack access to it. Now, we are equipped with the latest and greatest technology to share with our friends and soon-to-be trainees at the DOE – opening access to an entirely new group of students ready to learn all the skills they need to go to work! 

Technology is the bridge between our trainees and leading lives full of productivity by creating jobs for autistic adults. Artful adaptations are at the heart of Invictus – the use of specialized software and Microsoft Surface laptops emboldens our trainees and team members as they access, learn and master the production process. This generous gift of six Surface Pro kits (in addition to their original game-changing gift over the holidays) means that we can help more people to engage in work from which they would otherwise be cut off. It is the catalyst for opportunity -  where capable young adults can show the world what they can do. With this gift we can continue to empower the greatest workforce in the world. The campaign name is not lost on us: The #EmpoweringPossibility campaign and Microsoft Team came to our Invictus Kitchen and did just that, Empowered Possibility.  For this, we can not say thank you enough. Yet, we can and will continue on our mission to show the world what productive citizenry for all looks like. 

Stay tuned to the Invictus BeU blog and our social media feeds for updates on how our partnership with Microsoft continues to improve lives and put talented people to WORK! 

Now Hiring Instructors @ Invictus Enterprises

Invictus Enterprises is looking for Part-Time Instructors for our Introduction to Culinary- Work Readiness ClinicsWe have 4 remaining Saturday sessions to be held from May 5th, 2018 through June 9th, 2018. There is NO session on May 26th, 2018 - which is Memorial Day Weekend.

We are looking for Instructors for:

  • 10-1 pm Session,
  • 2-5 pm Session, OR
  • FULL-DAY (both morning and afternoon sessions). 

Invictus Enterprises is a 501c3 - providing job training and employment for people on the autism spectrum. Introduction to Culinary offers students with little to no experience in the kitchen, an overview of the basics of culinary in an environment that emphasizes learning new skills while also helping to create a product for one of our Invictus' micro-enterprises: grain free sweet potato dog biscuits. Using a one-to-one teaching method, along with modifications and physical guide templates, the students are eased through the basics of following a recipe, measuring, heating, safety and sanitation. Students build stamina, learn and practice basic culinary skills and develop the ability to work together to create a tangible product that supports job training for students on the autism spectrum. Each three hour session, is an artful blend of adaptive instruction, learning and social gathering.

Our program is expanding and we are looking for instructors who can join us. Our state-of-the-art culinary work-space is across from Grand Central Station. We are looking for lively, upbeat, positive people. Instructors don't necessarily need baking or culinary skills - but an interest in being in the kitchen helps. Experience and a passion working with people with developmental differences is a must. For more information, please reach out to

"Around Town" - Invictus and "No Bones About It" featured at Carousel 51

In a new series "Around Town" at Invictus, we will feature our PR, local news, and collaborations that Invictus Enterprises is working on.

Carousel 51 is the corporate website of Mike Sweeney who is the father of one of our workers, Dustin Sweeney. Mike's Blog focuses on "#SharedProsperity Blog: Jobs, Self-Direction & Housing for the Developmentally Disabled in NY State". In a recent post, the business model and vision of Invictus Enterprises was explained:

Dylan, Mike, Dustin, Katie Sweeney, and Elena Nogara @ Invictus' Grand Central Kitchen

Dylan, Mike, Dustin, Katie Sweeney, and Elena Nogara @ Invictus' Grand Central Kitchen