We created our Introductory Courses in order for young people to explore different facets of life, to discover what they love to do and to learn everything they need to know to secure their dream job.


Introduction to culinary 

Our work-readiness clinics explore real-world jobs through a fully immersive experience that is accessible to all.  Real-world job skills can and should be learned in a fun and vibrant way. Our courses are open to anyone in the community aged 12-21 years.  Over 8-weeks, enterprising young chefs (or anyone interested in the culinary arts) will learn and master skills they need to thrive in the kitchen. 

Contact Invictus today to reserve your spot...and apron...today! 


Our state-of-the-art culinary space

The fabulous folks at FedCap Kitchen, located in the heart of Midtown East have opened their home to us and our trainees. The Culinary Center provides access to all the accoutrements of a professional kitchen. Our belief is that real world jobs and industries can be accessed and mastered by our trainees, and this space allows us to teach our students to safely and adeptly utilize the tools and equipment needed to explore and master the culinary arts. 

Introduction to culinary clinic

Our next Culinary Course launches April 14th, 2018! You can view our flier for more details HERE

All eager young chefs are welcome to join! Invictus programs are open to all members of the community.

Sessions are $50/hour and all materials, ingredients and supplies are provided. 

First session: 10:00am - 1:00pm 

Second session: 2:00-5:00pm 

Our schedule format for each session is: 10-11: Welcome & Kitchen Prep, 11-12 Digital Cookbook (measuring, mixing and making), 12-1 Perfecting the Product (rolling and cutting, placement) & Clean-up

Every session targets and builds upon key competencies in multiple domains. All assessments and indicators for success are based on professional culinary course and job skill assessments. We pulled all the relevant data metrics and skill development concepts as they would relate to success in the kitchen. We also incorporated communication, social and emotional well-being goals into our one-of-a-kind Invictus Assessment Tool. 


Our wish came true!! Just before the holidays, Microsoft hand-picked a few local charities to make a wish for their future using their Wish Box technology spot. Invictus team members made a compelling wish for a state-of-the-art work center outfitted with the latest technology to empower productivity. Microsoft generously gifted us the latest touch-screen laptops and software. These tools are crucial in both our product-driven enterprises and our Work Readiness Clinics. They are the main tool that takes real-world job processes and makes them accessible to our workforce. The technology is outfitted with our unique digital cookbook  (displayed in auditory- and visual-learner formats) and is bolstered with custom communication-building software developed specifically for Invictus by the incomparable Dr. Carol Goossens, CCC-SLP. This technological upgrade is a catalyst for our trainees and team members - it empowers productivity and propels development. Thank you, Microsoft! 

There are only 16 spots available so contact us today to reserve your spot...and apron!